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Start a Trend With Your Custom Sweatshirt

When there is a nip in the Philadelphia air, nothing is more comfortable than a hoodie or sweatshirt to keep you warm. But designers seem to be getting lazier every day because hoodies and sweatshirts all look alike. If you want a unique sweatshirt that reflects your style, visit Shirt Happens LLC. We will help you design a one-of-a-kind article of clothing that you can proudly wear in public. We have more than a decade’s worth of experience customizing hoodies and sweatshirts for clients in Philadelphia, PA, and we are confident we can help you create something you will love. You may even become a fashion trendsetter. Share with us your vision so that we can turn it into a reality. Call our friendly team today to get started.

Shirt Happens merchandise

We Offer Comprehensive Printing and Graphics Services

Our specialties include printing and graphic services. We use a wide variety of methods to print customized designs and logos on your apparel. The experts at Shirt Happens LLC are proficient with heat transfer vinyl printing, flock printing, glitter printing, brick printing, ink jet photo transfers, and sublimation. But transferring your designs to hoodies and sweatshirts is the easy part. We must first assist with the graphic design. It is not enough to have an idea of how you want your clothing to look. You must bring that vision to life. We are the area’s leading logo design and graphic creation professionals. We also specialize in photo editing, allowing us to enhance your images before transferring them to your clothing. Finally, we offer comprehensive embroidery services. If you need to stitch an element of your hoodie or sweatshirt, our staff can make it happen.

sweater with Shirt Happens logo

Our Team Uses All the Leading Brands

Once you are ready to print your customized clothing, you need blank hoodies and sweatshirts to start the process. Our Philadelphia customers have a wide range of needs. Some clients wish to print bulk orders for business purposes or to satisfy the desires of large social groups at family or class reunions, among other events. Others need only print one item for personal use. Regardless of your intentions, we can suggest leading clothing manufacturers. Among the brands we frequently use for hoodie and sweatshirt production are:

  • Gildan
  • Jerzees
  • Tultex

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